Rest Assured Serves Trust Professionals


Rest Assured partners with personal trust and fiduciary professionals to provide affordable care solutions to their client base.

Trust professionals serve a critical support function for their clients by protecting their investments, managing their equity, and helping their families plan for future financial needs. Often, however, a trust professional will need to broaden this traditional focus on the client's finances to include consideration of complex health care challenges that may affect the client's ability to achieve financial goals.

Rest Assured provides an affordable care model that can allay the concerns that families and trust professionals may have about the client's ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle while living independently.

Rest Assured has the capability to provide active observation from trained Telecaregivers who can monitor the client either continuously or by virtual drop-in visits. The program also has a third party access feature that allows families to grant virtual visiting capabilities to professionals involved in the client's care decisions. Many models of oversight are available, giving trust and fiduciary professionals as much or as little involvement with the care decisions as they and their companies deem appropriate.

To learn more about how Rest Assured works with trust and fiduciary professionals to deliver high quality, cost-effective care options, please contact us.