Rest Assured Serves Home Care Companies


Rest Assured support and response services can be a significant extension of a home care provider's continuum of care, especially for seniors who have just begun to require or consider assistance. Experience indicates that one of the most contentious points between seniors and their loved ones occurs when it's first suggested that they need help to stay in their own homes. At first, many seniors resist the notion of needing help and reject the idea of someone living with them. When a trusted home care provider is contacted to develop a service plan for a senior member of the family, frequently the plan includes live-in care or a significant number of service hours to cover “what if?” contingencies.

Our real-time remote support and response services, working together with a local home care provider, offer seniors and their loved ones attractive alternatives. These options can improve the quality of life for seniors, increase their independence, and help maintain their privacy, health and safety. Our real-time interactive support, two-way communication with their provider's on-call staff, documentation, event tracking, and home security services also give loved ones peace of mind. That peace of mind comes from the knowledge that a Tele-Caregiver is available at the touch of a button and that their home care provider's on-call staff can be quickly dispatched. If desired, the home care provider's staff can also be provided with third-party access to the client's home using our new remote Third Party Access application, which makes it even easier for providers and family members to stay in touch with clients.

To learn more about how Rest Assured works with home care companies, please contact us.

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