Rest Assured Serves Geriatric Care Managers


Rest Assured partners with geriatric care managers (GCMs) to provide creative, customized solutions to some of the problems their clients face. The Rest Assured system allows GCMs to better monitor and supervise in-home caregivers. It can also be a tool to help train families or paid caregivers to deal more effectively with challenging senior behaviors.

Using Rest Assured, GCMs can make virtual home visits to check on clients when unexpected events arise. A GCM who chooses to be designated as one of a client's “emergency contacts” will have immediate virtual access to the home in an emergency to check on the client and manage the situation that triggered the alert. In remote areas, or in locations subject to extreme weather and shut-in conditions, Rest Assured can monitor the well-being of the GCM's clients during severe storms or whenever others cannot get to the home.

Rest Assured is ideal for use with clients who need 24-hour care but who resist continuous care-giving and do not want to move to a care facility. The Rest Assured telecare staff (or the GCM) can check in at regularly scheduled times to ensure safety between GCM home visits. Rest Assured can also fill the gaps between visits by paid in-home caregivers or families.

Rest Assured caregivers can also check in at assigned times to monitor and assist with medication regimens. Unlike a ringing pillbox, the telecare staff can read the medication labels and observe and cue the client to ensure proper compliance and safety.

Finally, the Rest Assured staff can enrich a client's social contacts by making periodic telecare visits. Since each staff person is assigned to specific clients, relationships form which can be beneficial to clients at risk of isolation. Client families and GCMs can keep in closer contact too, for the good of all.

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