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Many adults with a developmental or intellectual disability receive state funded supported living services in a house or apartment. These adults typically live with one or two other individuals needing similar on-site support. This constitutes the majority of people receiving residential support services in the United States. A significant number need continuous assistance to ensure their safety. At present, this requires costly on-site staff support on each shift in the home.

Chronic shortages of direct support professionals are the norm in this field. Low wages are endemic. Coupled with the requirement to work odd hours, such as third shift, weekends and holidays, the low wages frequently fail to attract and maintain competent and motivated direct care professionals. Turnover can be a significant problem. Competition from similar industries, such as home care for the elderly, can strip away human resources; and the demand for these human resources is rapidly growing as the general population ages.

Services delivered by direct support professionals in these small living arrangements can be difficult to monitor for some provider organizations. Because the homes or apartments are dispersed, direct care professionals typically work alone and unsupervised for much of their shift. When a serious medical or behavioral incident occurs, the on-site direct care professional may find it difficult to immediately access the necessary information or support.

The Rest Assured system seeks to address these issues by applying 21st century technology. This new system seeks to provide an enhanced level of safety and security for the people served, while increasing staff productivity, through use of a patented web-based Telecare system. The system provides a virtual direct care professional at a supported living site. In this way, one virtual direct support professional can take the place of many on-site staff at many different supported living sites. This enables sharing of limited staff resources among many dispersed homes, dramatically increasing productivity. 

For additional information on how Rest Assured can help your agency safely and more efficiently and effectively support the people you serve, please contact us. We can arrange a demonstration, a tour of a client's home that we currently monitor, or a discussion with an administrator of an agency that uses Rest Assured.

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