Rest Assured Serves Government Agencies

States in general face mounting fiscal pressures from their fast-growing Medicaid programs. Faced with slow to declining revenue growth, plus deficit problems in most state budgets, state governments have been unable to significantly raise Medicaid reimbursement rates for providers or address the growing numbers on waiting lists for these services.

Without rate increases, private provider organizations have been unable to adequately address the low wage problem. Chronic staff turnover can result. The quality of direct service staff attracted to these jobs is diminishing. A major human resource crisis looms for this field as the rate of direct care service job growth exceeds overall growth in the labor force. The Rest Assured system can lower the cost to the state for provision of staff support services by up to 70%. These huge savings could be used to reduce the overall budget, increase the number of slots for individuals, enhance the range of services, improve wages and benefits of direct support professionals, or achieve a combination of these goals.

An example of an early adopter is the state of Indiana. The State of Indiana Legislative Services Agency has studied this new system and issued a report indicating it could save the state $14 to $15 million annually with statewide implementation for overnight support services alone. At the time of the report, the system was called NiteTime Companion. The current gubernatorial administration was so impressed with the possibilities of Rest Assured that it has proposed its use on a statewide basis.

For additional information on how Rest Assured can help your state reduce costs and improve efficiency while providing effective supports to your clients, please contact us. We can arrange a demonstration, a tour of a client's home currently being monitored, a discussion with an administrator of an agency that is currently using the Rest Assured system or a meeting with a state agency that is currently funding Rest Assured services.