Rest Assured Serves Family Members

Rest Assured offers an innovative solution to a long-standing dilemma. Your loved one wants to maintain or increase his or her independence, you are concerned about maintaining the individual's privacy, health, and safety, and you both want to ensure ongoing quality of life. Up until now you had to decide between independence or safety, privacy or security, quality of life or needed supports. Now you can have it all.

Rest Assured real-time remote support and response services, in conjunction with agencies, providers, and family members, can offer attractive alternatives. Our interactive monitoring, two-way communication with a provider's on-call staff, documentation, event tracking, and home security services can also give loved ones peace of mind: the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that our Telecare staff is available at the touch of a button and that on-call staff or family members can be quickly dispatched. If desired, family members can also be provided with third-party access to their loved one's home using our new remote Third Party Access application, which makes it even easier for providers and family members to stay in touch with individuals receiving our Telecare services.

To learn more about how Rest Assured works with family members, please contact us.