Active Support - Real Time Interactive Virtual Support

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Rest Assured offers real-time interactive support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our active support services consist of continuous oversight or active treatment and are specially designed to support adults who have cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities; seniors who want an alternative to 24-hour, live-in support; people with acquired brain injury; and others who might otherwise require on-site staff.

Services include maintenance of consumer-specific protocols, notification of an agency's, provider's or family's on-call staff in the event of an unusual occurrence or emergency, response staff communications, documentation, event tracking, home security, and software upgrades. Services are sold by the hour with no minimum commitment for hours supported per day or days supported per year. This pricing structure gives agencies, providers and family members the flexibility to work with our consultants to develop optimal care plans that make the best use of available funding.

To learn more about our active support services, please watch one of our Rest Assured videos or contact us for more information.

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