PERS - Personal Emergency Response Services

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The Rest Assured emergency alert system makes it safe for our clients to live at home. Our user-friendly system is designed to summon help when it is needed. With the push of a button or in the event of a fall or fire, the Rest Assured emergency alert system instantly calls a highly trained Tele-Caregiver at our state-of-the-art support center who immediately responds to the emergency. The response is customized to each client's needs and preferences.

The Rest Assured emergency alert system is a 24/7 link to emergency help when clients need it most: in the event of fire, medical emergencies, falls, intruders, and so much more. Our trained Telecaregivers evaluate each emergency and dispatch appropriate emergency personnel when they are needed.

Our basic model includes a two-way speaker phone that automatically connects the client with a Tele-Caregiver at the push of a button. It also includes a pendant style alert button or a fall sensor (worn on a belt) with an alert button. Our new fall sensor detects falls and has our support center call for help automatically.

To learn more about our emergency alert system, please contact us for more information.

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