Response Staff Communications


For each Rest Assured client, one or more on-call staff people or family members can be designated as responders in the event that the client requires on-site assistance. These responders can communicate directly with Telecaregivers at the Rest Assured remote virtual support and response center.

If desired, each step in the response process can be logged and annotated, from the time of the first "alarm" triggered by a virtual support device in a client's home or apartment...

  • the Telecare staff's determination that on-site assistance is required,
  • dispatch of the on-call staff or family member,
  • arrival of the on-call staff, and
  • eventual resolution of the event. 

The responding on-call staff or family member can dictate event notes to the Rest Assured Tele-Caregiver for inclusion in the event record by telephone or by using the on-site real-time video connection.

All real-time video images are stored digitally for up to seven days. This gives the agency, provider or family additional time to determine if a more detailed review of the event is required. If so, the agency, provider, or family member can view the video of the full event. In the event of something out of the ordinary, the video can be downloaded and distributed as needed.

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