How Rest Assured Works

Rest Assured uses a variety of tools, technologies, and services to provide individuals in our care with state-of-the-art remote monitoring and support services.

  • Screening and assessment tools help agencies, providers, and family members decide if someone will benefit from our services.
  • Customer-specific protocols, established by the provider or family member, help determine what level of support an individual needs.
  • Design consultants visit the client's home to determine the appropriate mix of sensors and cameras.
  • Installation and testing of the system are provided by a Rest Assured technician.
  • Notification is provided to on-call staff, a family member, or another designated contact if the client needs on-site assistance. In the event of an emergency, the Rest Assured Telecaregiver will contact emergency services.
  • Response Staff / Support Communications ensure that events requiring on-site support receive the proper response and that each issue is resolved.
  • Documentation is done on a daily basis and can be shared with providers or family members. Events requiring on-site support can be logged and annotated to include notes from on-call staff or family members. In addition, video images are stored for up to 7 days and can be downloaded if a review of an event is required.
  • Home Security features allow the client's home to be checked in real time for smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature, window and door intrusions, and internal motion.
  • Support Team Involvement is an integral part of every solution. Rest Assured staff members work closely with each client's support team to determine individual needs and establish effective services.
  • Maintenance of the system is provided by a Rest Assured technician on a bi-annual basis.

To learn more about how the Rest Assured system works, please watch one of our videos or contact us for more information.