Automated Medication Dispensers

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Rest Assured has incorporated an automated medication dispenser into its system.  The automated medication dispenser can be pre-filled and programmed by a family member or caregiver for up to 30 days worth of medication.

The device dispenses the correct drugs at the correct time and alerts the client when it is medication time by emitting a beep and a flashing light. Only the medications that have been dispensed are accessible.  If the medications are not taken within the programmed time (the dispenser can be programmed for different lengths of time), the medication dispenser will call a Rest Assured Tele-Caregiver and/or a family member/caregiver who can then use the Rest Assured system to determine why the medications have not been taken and provide gentle reminders to take the medications.

To learn more about the Rest Assured Automated Medication Dispenser, please contact us for more information.

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