Intelligent Sensors

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Intelligent sensors take Rest Assured's sensor technology to the next level of sophistication. Traditional sensor alerts in the Rest Assured system are only sent to a Rest Assured Tele-Caregiver or a myRestAssured user when the Tele-Caregiver or user is logged into the website. Intelligent sensors, on the other hand, send alerts on unusual activity or lack of activity via email or text message to any number of people as situations happen or a lack of activity is noted.

Intelligent sensors have three modes of operation:

  1. The sensor will send one alert the first time a sensor is activated, during a specified time period. Example: A front door opens between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. It could be an intruder, or the individual might be confused and wandering out of the home at night.
  2. The sensor will send an alert if the end of the specified time period is reached, if the sensor has not been activated. Example: A bathroom motion sensor does not go off between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. This could be an indicator that the person has not awakened as usual to start his or her morning routine.
  3. The sensor will send an alert if a specified length of time has elapsed since the last activation of the sensor. Example A front door sensor has not gone off for 48 hours. If the individual in the home usually leaves the home at least once every few days, this could be an indicator that the individual is ill.

A loved one or paid caregiver receives these alerts via text message or email. (The alerts can be sent to any number of authorized recipients.) Each alert will outline which sensor has gone off and why (lack of activity, activity at an unusual time, etc.).

To learn more about Rest Assured's intelligent sensors and the alerts they generate, please contact us.

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