Equipment and Devices

Rest Assured is a web-based system that uses the latest wireless technology to connect clients at supported sites with Telecaregivers working at a state-of-the-art support and response center. Various devices in the home provide our Telecaregivers with real-time information about what is happening on site:

  • Telecams allow Rest Assured Telecaregivers to literally see what is happening in a client's home.
  • Sensors in the home monitor motion, detect falls, and track activity to help ensure client safety.
  • Two-way audio capabilities allow our Telecaregivers to prompt, cue, remind or coach individuals through activities of daily living.
  • Live Interactive Network Companion (LINC) screens let clients see their Telecaregivers' faces rather than just hearing their voices.
  • Automated medication dispensers help ensure that clients are taking the right medication at the right time. 
  • Intelligent sensors send alerts on unusual activity or lack of activity via email or text message to authorized contacts.
  • Biomedical sensors, currently under development, will help take and record important health data (such as an individual's blood pressure) to assist with preventative healthcare.

To learn more about Rest Assured's equipment and devices and how they support our state-of-the-art telecare services, please contact us.