A Brief Description of Our Services

Often individuals with disabilities and senior citizens need some assistance to remain independent. Rest Assured provides an effective and cost-efficient avenue to enable this independence while ensuring safety.

Rest Assured is a real time monitoring system with two-way communication. Broadband wireless technology is used to link individual homes to a central monitoring station. Benefits include home safety and security, quick access to support when needed, weather alerts, and independence with just the right amount of oversight.

Support is accomplished through the creative use of an interactive, web-based system. This includes the use of electronic sensors, speakers and microphones, tele-cams in common areas, smoke detectors, temperature detectors, and personal emergency response systems. These devices link each individual’s home to remote staff caregivers (whom we call Telecaregivers) who provide electronic support. Should an individual need assistance, a Tele-Caregiver is immediately available to assess the situation and provide supportive prompts. In most situations, the Tele-Caregiver can manage the situation. If necessary, an on-call person can be dispatched to provide quick on-site assistance or emergency services may be contacted.

Benefits of the Rest Assured system:

  • Provides a monitored security system to protect from intruders
  • Is less intrusive than having staff physically present in the home
  • Increases independence
  • Entails less risk of staff abuse
  • Allows seniors to age in place

The Rest Assured model was developed by Wabash Center in Lafayette, Indiana with support from Purdue University’s School of Electrical/Computer Engineering, plus the School of Computer and Information Technology. Rest Assured, LLC is a joint venture between ResCare, Inc. and Wabash Center. To learn more about Rest Assured services, please contact us.

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