About ResCare

Rest Assured is a joint venture between ResCare and the Wabash Center of Lafayette, Indiana in collaboration with the Purdue University School of Technology.

ResCare, Inc., the nation's largest human services company, was founded in 1974, and currently serves hundreds of thousands of people in 36 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Canada and elsewhere in the world. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, ResCare provides residential, therapeutic, job training and educational supports to individuals of all ages who have cognitive, intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities, to youths with special needs, to adults who are experiencing barriers to employment and to seniors who need help staying in their homes.

ResCare's name is based on two words: Respect and Care. This is our core philosophy and is reflected in a strong mission statement and guided by the ResCare Quality Way principles. The mission statement and Quality Way principles serve as the foundation for our service delivery, systems and procedures. In addition, our extensive quality assurance and best practice programs provide measurable, quantifiable results. Ultimately, we measure our success by the success of the people we support.

ResCare is Respect and Care

We at ResCare are dedicated and caring people
Who together form a human service company
Providing quality supports to enhance the lives
of individuals.

We commit to effectively manage our resources
In order to fulfill our responsibilities
To the people we support, our employees,
Our customers, and our communities.

We serve with respect, compassion, and skill.
Building Lives, Reaching Potential

We believe that our joint venture with the Wabash Center to create Rest Assured will help caring people use remarkable technology to help community service agencies' and home care providers' clients improve the quality of their lives, increase their independence and maintain their privacy, health and safety.

To learn more about ResCare, please visit the ResCare website at rescare.com.