Peace of mind through technology

Introducing Rest Assured®, a ground breaking service designed to help seniors remain in their homes and individuals with disabilities gain more independence while staying safe.

Rest Assured is a Web-based "Telecare" system that connects you with real people using the latest wireless technology over the Internet. It's secure. It gives you freedom. It lets you stay in your own home.

Rest Assured offers in-home support services as you need them provided by specially trained caregivers, who you get to know personally. Rest Assured Telecaregivers communicate face-to-face, through our Live Interactive Network Companion (LINC; a 15-inch touch screen). Family members can also use the system to check in and chat face-to-face with their loved ones from anywhere in the world.

Rest Assured is just what the name says. You can Rest Assured that you're being cared for in the least restrictive environment so you can continue to live your life as independently as possible.